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5 tips for writing a blog

Blogging for me is purely ambivalent. I love the connections that come from it, and the ability to broadcast my thoughts so easily, but sometimes the process of actually writing a blog can be daunting. If only there was a place I could go to find 5 tips for writing a blog, in an easy to read format… Look no further, I present just the thing to cure your literary ailments: 5 tips for writing a blog

1) Title

A title is arguably the most important piece of a blog. It’s the first thing people will see and unfortunately for some bloggers, the last. One strategy for picking a title is what I’ll call the number title. The title of this blog “5 tips for writing a blog” is in fact one of those. It accurately describes what the entry is about while lending itself to high search ability. It’s common to search in this manner. For example, I might go to Google and search for the “10 best QBs of all time.” Regardless of what title you use for your blog entry, make sure it contains your focus keyword.

2) Keywords

Every blog should have a focus keyword for SEO purposes. In fact, the focus keyword for this blog is “5 tips for writing a blog.” For the most part, keywords should be found naturally in your blog entry. (A great plug-in for all of you WordPress users to keep track of your keywords in entries is WordPress SEO by Yoast. It’s free and incredibly useful. So, back to keywords…) We covered the importance of focus keyword in the title, but it’s also critical to have it in the first paragraph (first sentence if possible) of the body. The exact percent for an ideal keyword density is debatable, but anywhere from 2-5% of the body being your keyword is acceptable.

3) Content

Content is still king. A friend recently said, “Good content will always trump the best optimized site for SEO.” But coming up with the content is the tricky part of a blog. One way to overcome this is to write in your wheelhouse. For me, I like to stick to SEO, social media, or digital tech. It pairs nicely with Copperfox Marketing because those are three of the capabilities we offer. My coworker Chris typically writes about web development because that is an area he is knowledgeable about. One thing to keep in mind when writing a blog is to make sure the content matches up with the theme of the blog.

4) Image

Visuals can be incredibly useful for expressing long-winded points precisely. By this point, you may be wishing I had a visual for this whole blog and to that I say “touché.” Besides being pretty, they can also boost your SEO. Just apply a meta tag to the photo you put in your blog that will accurately describe the image, and voila! Having trouble finding a creative commons image? Flickr is a great resource for that. Go to Click on search and then advanced search. Scroll to the bottom and check the mark that says “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.” Now go back to the top and search for your photo. It’s a great way to find usable images.

5) Call to action

What 5 tips for writing a blog would you recommend? Ending the blog with an easy question is just one way to give a call to action. Other methods might include asking the readers to share the content, provide feedback, join you on Facebook, Twitter, or the latest social media that you employ. Regardless of which call to action you go with, just make sure you pick one! But really, what 5 tips for writing a blog would you recommend?

Contributed by Steve Martin

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