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6 ways to organize your workspace

By Carrie Phillippi
To me, happiness is reading the organization tips in Real Simple magazine and realizing that I already do 8 of the 10! I pride myself on my ability to organize. Yes, I alphabetize my spices and yes, my clothes closet is color-coded (hangers included) but that’s another story.

I also strive to keep my work area as organized as possible.

Tips to organize your workplace

We have the technology… use it.

Your smartphone is indeed very smart and has calendar, reminder, note and alert options. I stick with my Gmail calendar, but I know Cozi has great calendar functionality for busy families and highly recommend it. Additionally many organization apps are available for purchase.

Order the tools that you need.

Staples, Bed, Bath and Beyond and The Container Store all have affordable and stylish supplies. Your Office Manager will most likely approve of a reasonable purchase in the name of organization.

Set aside time to cut the clutter.

Do you have periods in between meetings or even time while your lunch cooks away in the office microwave to spend a few minutes clearing off your desk? Keep it on your to-do list and keep that desk area sparkling.

For Pete’s sake, clean off your computer keyboard and screen.

You will ruin your eyesight with that layer of dust and fingerprints on your screen. (No, that is not a mistaken apostrophe in my blog – it’s your dirty screen!)

Strive for “paperlessness”!

It is so freeing to keep files on the computer and off your desk. Store only what you need in carefully marked file folders using the best markers on the planet of course – Sharpies!

Cut down on your supplies.

Do you really need a three-hole punch at your desk? Do you reach daily for the staple grabber? Do you use rubber bands by the handful? Ruler? Erasers? I could go on. Don’t keep the unnecessary stuff around. But of course, keep close tabs on your stapler.

So what’s your story? Are you the office pack rat, or the office minimalist? Any other tips to help organize your workspace?

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  1. Vicki Sadoughian - Reply

    Well, I must say that first off I love the vintage photo of the lady by what appears to be an organ but I’m sure it is some sort of office equipment! All of these tips are very helpful and thank you for pointing out that stores other than office supply stores have fun and cute desk organizers. Good to know that we don’t have to just be stuck with the black mesh stuff from Office Depot to add some zest to our desk! I would also add Target to that list and I’ve also sometimes found random things at Homegoods. And of course, who doesn’t love Sharpies!!!!!!! Great article!

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